Marine conservation opportunities

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Science instruction classroom

Tracc has a limited number of marine conservation opportunities each year.

We normally choose interns from ex- volunteers who have been with TRACC for 8 weeks.  The volunteers who are selected have normally reached rescue diver and are keen, enthisiastic and committed.  The internship is usually 12 weeks.  The interns devide into two groups diving interns who do their PADI dive master course during their stay and science interns who do a research project, science lectures and generally improve their chances of getting a marine science job in the future. All interns learn how to teach, give instructions, and much more.

Sorry we do not provide flights.

Most of our interns and permanent staff positions come from our ex-volunteers but we do have opportunties for other people with skills to become part of the team..
Marine science graduates with a diving qualification.
Marine aquaculture graduates
Communication and marketing graduates.
Writers and videographers – create articles for magazines or video documentaries.

Does work on a tropical paradise sound like fun!

TRACC has a limited number of sponsored & part sponsored (you pay for your food costs) intern positions each year.  Most of the fully sponsored intern positions go to Malaysians but competition is fierce.  We expect a letter as to why you are the best (remember most of your class is applying).  We prefer qualified divers and intern positions that are 10-12weeks.  We rarely give intern positions to anyone who is starting in May/June when we are really busy.  Our quiet time is September to April, we can teach and look after interns then.

email your dates as early as possible – 12 months in advance is common.

Science Staff  – Science officer

Dive Crew – Instructors  – Dive Masters  – Dive master trainees

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