Online Marine science course

The Cambridge Marine Science A level course which we teach as a residential course is also being taught as a online marine science course using the Internet – a distance learning package with examinations in May 2016 or 2017. This requires 12 -18 months of weekly lessons studied at home (about 8-10h each week) plus a trip of 2 weeks (last week March & 1st week April 2015 or 2016) to the TRACC Camp at the Tip of Borneo for practical skills and an optional trip for the examinations. Learning to dive can be arranged in the week of March before the practical trip.

We seriously recommend that any potential marine scientists also stay for at least 2 weeks after the exams to learn underwater survey skills. Learning to dive and underwater skills are not required for the A level but are invaluable should you wish to pursue a career in marine science. All TRACC students registered for this couse must learn to dive since many practicals are conducted underwater. More details here.

Birdwatching at the Tip of Borneo

Bird watchers wanted

Birds are an important part of the natural heritage and ecology of the Tun Mustapha park and yet very little is known about the bird diversity or the migration routes. The tip of Borneo is the first stop for birds flying down from China and Korea across the South China sea or from Palawan in the Philippines. There are several large mangroves and these are host to an increase in bird populations in autumn and spring as the flocks assemble before they fly onwards. We have resident big raptors, Brahminy kites, sea eagles and ospreys but little is known about the smaller birds.

We are looking for non diving – Birdwatching with optional snorkelling volunteers to help with our understanding of the bird populations and diversity.

Birdwatchers –-> email

Multimedia & artist volunteers 2015

Multimedia volunteers are available to anyone with experience or skills in art, video, writing, communications or marketing. Typical multimedia vols pay a discounted rate for volunteering on any of our projects. They produce video for youtube, magazine articles or text for blogs about their experiences and we pay for this media output. The intern proposes a level of multimedia output and we agree a reimbursement rate which can be upto the total amount that was initially paid to come as a volunteer.

We have a wide range of projects, environments and interesting people.  We want you to express yourself and create something artistic.

We especially want media that helps raise awareness of the issues facing marine biodiversity and ecosystems, especially if it is targeted to local communities. However, everything from an art installation to a powerpoint presentation will be considered. Contact us to discuss how your media skills could raise awareness about TRACC and the issues we care about.

English teaching volunteers

English for our future

english teaching in rural borneo

Teaching village children is its own reward

The schools in rural Sabah do not manage to teach good English and yet there is a huge and growing demand for young people who speak English to work in many sectors of the tourism industry. The school teachers often do not have the capability or training to teach more than the basics. We increase the vocabulary, improve the speaking confidence and help the children with reading and writing.

We have a curriculum, schemes of work and books. The children come to classes in halls in the various villages and they need to practice and learn speaking, reading, writing. Our volunteers who do not speak Malay (national languge) or Rungus ( local language) can manage with the help of our staff who speak both languages and by our easy to follow teaching aids and programme which does not require the teacher to speak in the childrens language.

English teaching volunteers please email

Adventure volunteers wanted for Tip of Borneo coastal trail

Adventure @ Tip of Borneo. Coastal trail trailblazers wanted.

coconut crab, tracc, volunteer, tip of borneo,

Coconut crab ( rare and andangered) one now lives in our compost pile.

We are looking for fit, adventurous people to help develop a coastal walking trail around the Tip of Borneo. We want to link local communites with a walking trail so that more tourists stay with the villages in the homestay programmes. Ultimately, we want a trail which links villages at about 1 days walk apart. The scenery is fantastic, the beaches beautiful and this project will bring sustainable tourism to benefit local families.

20140222_062115Our trailblazers stay at the TRACC coconut cove – TOB camp and go diving or snorkelling with other volunteers at the weekends. During the week, the trailblazers work with experienced local guides to forge a path through the forest, they build bridges, make steps and scout routes to waterfalls and lookout points.

Opportunities start first monday each month from Jan 2015.

If you want to be an adventurer then click here for more details. email

Marine conservation volunteer projects 2015

TRACC is offering a number of different marine conservation projects in Sabah, Borneo for 2015.  Suitable for all marine conservation volunteers, families, groups or gap year travellers these are a great way to help protect part of the ocean.  We teach diving as part of these projects.

marine conservation volunteer at coconut cove beach at Tip of Borneo, Kudat Sabah

Coconut cove beach at Tip of Borneo, Kudat Sabah

Coconut cove camp Near Tip of Borneo
Diving with Cuttlefish and Sharks (Dec to March)
Marine park surveys and reef conservation
Offshore reef surveys (April, May, June, Sept, Oct)
Marine Science A Level  course ( Feb to June)

Snorkelling and community
English for the future,
Forest trailblazer
Multimedia and artist volunteers

Pom Pom Island
Reef restoration and coral planting (May 2015- onwards)
Turtle conservation (snorkelling) (May to Sept)

Please download a brochure (PDF) which has more infomation about volunteering with TRACC.
Project locations —- Volunteer guest book —- Facebook




Reef exploration diving at the Tip of Borneo

The Tun Mustapha Marine Park at the Tip of Borneo is being created by the Sabah State government. TRACC is gathering information on the offshore reefs and remote islands to assist with the management of this huge area. We are planning a series of exploratory expeditions to Harrington shoal, the South Furious shoals, other offshore reefs and islands (Map Here). This will be one of the first diving trips to these reefs and we have a limited number of spaces for divers to come and explore to find amazing reefs and wrecks. We were at many of these islands and reefs in 1997, 2005, 2010 as part of our Sabah Shark Survey. Depending on weather, this will be a liveaboard or a few day mini trip from our camp at coconut cove beach near the Tip of Borneo

Batumandi rocks are a really exciting dive with strong currents, big waves and many large fish.  we know of 3 wrecks and there are certainly more to find.

Batumandi rocks are a really exciting dive with strong currents, big waves and many large fish. we know of 3 wrecks and there are certainly more to find.

. We need advanced or above divers to help survey and explore the reefs and wrecks.

1 week minimum trips starting 2nd Monday in April/May/June/September/October 2015. (the weather in the S China Sea is not predictable in July and August.)  Can be combined with other projects before or afterwards.

More information on expeditions —> click here <—-


Beach sports Sept 2014

eating sand during the wheelbarrow race

eating sand during the wheelbarrow race

Sundays are fundays at TRACC and while we normally go diving or snorkelling –  on one crazy September afternoon we had a beach sport day.  With egg and spoon, 3 leg race this seemed normal enough but a backwards snorkel run and a dive boot throwing contest made sure that these sports will be in the next olympics.

This is a selection of pictures of the winners leaping for joy.

more beach sports photos are in the Facebook album beach sports

tracc borneo is a marine science school marine conservation on coral reefs in sabah malaysia beach sports day sept 14 (79) (640x394) beach sports day sept 14 (81) (640x440) beach sports day sept 14 (75) (640x628) beach sports day sept 14 (76) (640x425)



Staff 2014 departures.

tracc marine science a level teachers

Some of the great staff from 2014. We will miss you all.

Farewell to many great friends.

We are going to miss you.  thanks for all the effort you put in during all your time at TRACC.  We could not have done it without you.

turtle rescue malaysia

Eva will be missed but the baby turtle she cared for got a great start to life.

tracc marine science studies in borneo

May the sun rise on more exciting adventures.








Cambridge Marine Science A level results 2014

A grades for everyone!  We are really proud of our 2014 Cambridge Marine science A level students.  They worked really hard and got excellent results, Studying from marine scientists on a tropical beach with a whole ocean to learn from works well but without dedicated students the knowledge would just have washed over them.  It takes dedication to do a full A level in just 12 weeks.   Sure we have a great location and fantastic teachers but at the end of the day the students did the work and actually sat in the exam rooms

cambridge marine science a level maggieWELL done, we are very pleased you got what you deserve.



More info on the cambridge marine science A level course

teaching the cambridge marine science A level class at the tracc marine science school in borneo

Study on the beach

Advanced level marine science students snorkelling in the mangrove

Advanced level marine science students snorkelling in the mangrove








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