Intern programme

volunteer divers at TRACC transplanting coral

Collecting coral fragments for replanting

The best volunteers who participate in the project for 8 weeks or over are asked to become interns for the project.  Internships are not paid but they have no costs.  They get free food, accommodation and diving.  Other interns are on work experience from a suitable university course or occasionally passionate people who can help one of our research projects.  We generally look for interns who will not require hand holding supervision.  We expect interns to contribute to the project and assist with the conservation and science.

Internships are usually for 3 months which is the duration of a Malaysian Tourist visa.

Not everyone is selected, we choose passionate dedicated people who contribute a lot to the project and who are likely to gain a lot from a longer stay.

Because we choose interns very selectively, sometimes there may be several working on the project.

We do not choose interns based on sex, colour, race, religion or anything else that you have no control over.   We are very selective on passion, enthusiasm, commitment, effort and need.

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  1. Holly Gunner says:


    I am a recent graduate from a UK university and I am interested in volunteering or interning with you for 2 – 4 months. I am a BSAC Sports Diver and I am currently working towards my PADI Rescue Diver. What opportunity would I be best for?

    Thank you,


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