Pom Pom Volunteer project costs

Volunteer on pom pom island with green turtle

Green turtle populations are monitored and reefs are replanted.

The cost to you for this project is below the running cost for the project. How do we do this? —read more—.

All food, accommodation, dive courses & unlimited diving included – see what’s included
Community / non Diving / Turtle volunteers (snorkel projects here)

All pom pom volunteers are qualified to PADI advanced or equivalent.  We teach courses at the Tip of Borneo camp.  Please CLICK THIS LINK for cost options for various qualifications and durations

• For resort accommodation, groups or  short stay trips, please contact us info@tracc-borneo.org.

If these prices seem expensive then you need to balance the benefits with the cost.  It is possible to volunteer for under £300 or $500 per week, (try orphans, old people, soup kitchens).  IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO GO DIVING ON A BUDGET VOLUNTEER TRIP.  Diving costs a lot of money.  Dive expeditions are about you.  You should gain a lot in skills and experience.  We are a conservation organisation run by scientists who use volunteers, we do not make any money from you!  We do not have offices in any capital city, or drive fancy cars.

Take our reality check and see if the benefits are worth the cost to you.   Interestingly our long stay students/volunteers actually pay less than £300 per week.

We camp on the beach in tents (Comfortable with fans & electricity) (photos here) so that we can spend all the money we get on protecting the turtles & sharks and planting the coral.  We make sure we are comfortable & well fed but there is no luxury.  The Celebes Beach Resort  is nearby and we occasionally get couples & families who want to work on conservation with a private room & ensuite bathroom. Contact us if you want to stay in resort luxury and do something useful to help protect the coral reef.  We have CSR trips, dive club trips, team building, and Honeymoons. Bookings or more information contact info@tracc-borneo.org


• 2 weeks includes PADI Open water dive courses

• 10% discount for groups of 6 or more.

• 20% discount for groups of 16 or more.

• 4 weeks includes PADI OW & PADI advanced diver

• 4 weeks for previously qualified divers includes PADI EFR & Rescue

4 weeks for previously qualified divers -If no dive courses required discount of £320

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Project costs

2 weeks £1175; 4 weeks £1675; 6 weeks £2100,

8 weeks £2470, 10 weeks £3150, 12 weeks £3810

Additional month £1350

THESE are final advertised prices the price to KAYA is 20% less

For resort accommodation add £460 per person for 2 weeks.

Dive courses with 2 week stay additional £160 per course.

2 weeks does not include dive courses

10% discount for groups of 6 or more.

20% discount for groups of 16 or more.

1 month includes PADI OW & PADI advanced diver

1 month for previously qualified divers includes PADI Rescue

1 month for previously qualified divers -If no dive courses required discount of £160


  1. Lynda pietrusiewiczI says:

    I am willing to helpi any way where I am needed. I am a team player,I am a hard worker, outgoing . And I would , like to be a part of your team.
    Sincererley,Lynda Pietrusiewicz

  2. eddie heaton says:

    when is the best time to come out to you i am looking at least 4 weeks

    • admin says:

      No real best time, All months are good. The weather is good all year, the sea is warm 26-29, vis is always excellent. the turtles nest in large numbers from April to October, Have many short trip vols early 2012. Busy time for long trip vols are June July Aug, Sept, Good atmosphere with several people doing student projects.

  3. Connie says:

    I’d be interested as a regular volunteer as I live in Sandakan and would like to dive in Semporna more often.

    Appreciate if you can consider and let me know how I may volunteer with your conservation initiatives on a regular basis.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    • admin says:

      You wrote a comment on the tracc website about wanting to volunteer to help plant corals.

      the best times for me on the island are:-
      11 mar to 1st april
      probably on island from 17th april
      definitely on island from 9-23 may
      definitely on island from 6th june until ??? I have continuous vols till november.
      A level in marine sci course is from 1st aug to 24th oct (cost & details are here)

      please check the website http://tracc-borneo.org/conservation-projects/volunteering-overview/
      or contact me for more info.

      prof steve oakley

  4. jason says:

    My company gives all employees 6 days to spend volunteering each year. I would like to come and spend 8 or 9 days (two weekends plus a work week) volunteering for you. I’m a PADI rescue diver so I wouldn’t need the classes and other things you offer to your longer stay volunteers. Who should I contact to see about making special arrangements for a short-term volunteer stay?



  5. zacch says:

    I’m already an adv. open water, and due to complete my rescue diver in May. After which I am quite keen to go for this program. Do you have divemaster course or something on top of these?

    • admin says:

      dear lee
      we don’t normally combine the DM course with conservation volunteering. Both are pretty intense
      and realisticly can’t be done together. Celebes beach resort where we are based will be happy to do a dm course for you and you can do a few conservation dives and activities during the dm course.

  6. Wahida says:

    Hi Prof,

    Can I volunteer for 1 week? How much does it cost in RM (inclusive of stay at resort, equipment rental, etc). I have OW but no equipment of my own. Planning to go around Nov.

    I was at Pom Pom last week. I didn’t know about this until today. I feel so silly now. I really wanted to be a volunteer.


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