Pom Pom Coral Conservation Volunteer Project Summary

Green Turtle on Pom Pom Island

Green Turtles are very common in the water around Pom Pom. You will help protect the eggs and adults.

Volunteering options – see below for our normal programme otherwise our  Short conservation visits (4,5 or 8 days) CLICK HERE  are designed for qualified divers who have limited time.  Turtle Project (snorkellers only) is for long stay people who want to protect turtles, stay up half the night and don’t want to dive.

We have projects at two beach locations in Sabah, Malaysia.
Choose from all our projects =  project summary 2015 for volunteers.  OR  Download volunteer brochure 2014 (PDF)

.To book now please read Booking a trip & email .info@tracc-borneo.org

Aims & Objectives

  • The ultimate aim is a protected reef that can support a reef shark population. (learn more)
  • To protect sharks, the ecosystem needs repair. This protected reef has been bombed in the past and no longer has enough fish to feed a shark population. (learn more)
  • If corals are planted on the damaged areas, there will be more shelter for juvenile fish and eventually better corals with a diverse fish population. ( Volunteers & coral planting activities)
  • The island has a large non resident pelagic fish population, if these can be encouraged to stay, there will be more food for the sharks. (learn more)
  • The island is an important turtle nesting area and adults and hatchlings will benefit from more protection and less poaching with a conservation project on the island. (More about turtle volunteer programme here)

Find out why this is a rewarding experience  or read what our prevous volunteers have said about their experience  – Our recent activities are on Facebook  so click here for what we are doing now,  We also have projects student researchers completed.

Volunteering options – our diving project is protecting and rebuilding reefs otherwise our  Short conservation visits  are designed for qualified divers who have limited time.  Turtle Project (snorkellers only) is for people who don’t want to dive.

Download volunteer brochure 2014 (PDF)

planted coral, pom pom island, semporna sabah, malaysia

A 2 month old planted coral fragment. Originally collected from a bomb crater, the remaining fragment was planted in non toxic cement and is now healthy and growing.

Project Facts
• Duration:
2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 weeks  ( 4,5 or 8 day trips click here)
• Cost: £1175 for 2 weeks, £1675 for 4 weeks (with 2 dive courses) (this is a sponsored project we charge volunteers below actual cost – learn how we do this -)(cost for various other options & durations)
• 10% discount for groups of 6 or more.  (bigger groups more discount).
• Requirements: Suitable for anyone, Age 17+, or children with guardians;  non divers welcome, School groups (one week expeditions are possible for large groups).
• Location: Pom Pom island, Sabah, Borneo  Map of location  –
• Travel  Fly To Sabah, Malaysian Borneo via Kuala Lumpor, Singapore & other places –Getting to Here
• Communications – remote but not unconnected – (Internet & Communication)
Project Activities: Coral reef conservation through proactive reef rebuilding, construction and coral planting, monitoring of turtle nesting, turtle tagging, sharks, rays, reef fish & invertebrate surveys.
Our typical day is here & some of the things we do is here.  More photos on Facebook
• Diving & snorkelling: Unlimited
• Working Hours: Monday-Saturday, 8 hours per day.
• Project Availability: We prefer vols to start on a Monday or Thursday. Other dates can be arranged.

What’s Included

• Accommodation: Single or shared tent with fan, lights & electricity (camp photos here) on an almost deserted beach (shared with turtles).   Bedding, Pillows, Towels are provided and changed regularly.  You can do your own laundry or send to our laundry service.
• Food: 3 meals per day – breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus unlimited hot drinks and toast.
We have cooks most days occasionally, we share the cooking  – Breakfast is make your own, Lunch usually noodles or rice,  Dinner varies with the nationality of the cook. There is normally a vegetarian option.  We have had Spaggetti and Lasagne from italy, Rizzoto from Spain, Burger & chips, Thai Salads, Swedish stews, YUM
• Airport pick up and drop off from Tawau Airport. our transport leaves airport at 2 on Mon and Thursday.
• Boat Transfers to and from island : Monday and Thursday – morning boat @ 9 to Semporna, afternoon boat @ 4 to island
• Training: Orientation and project induction provided,
The Marine Science Courses are included on a pot luck basis for any 2 week or longer volunteers,
• PADI scuba diving Open Water course/qualification for 2 week stays.
PADI Openwater & Advanced course included for 4+ week stays.
• Support: 24 hour support, Safety & Medical
• Communications: Regular phone or internet contact with friends or family.
• University or college projects for individual students are designed and supported for 4+ week stays (rescue qualified diver) or 8+ week stays (diving qualification completed in Pom Pom)
• Excursion Planning: Staff help organise extra dive courses and additional land or water excursions
• Transport to Pom Pom Island from Kota Kinabalu or Tawau Airport ( return trip)  (Click here for more info on travel)
• All dive equipment (except: mask, snorkel, fins, skins/rash vest/ stinger suit)

What’s Not Included

• Flights to Kota Kinabalu or Tawau (Air Asia or Firefly or Malindo are cheap local airlines, Royal Brunei is often the cheapest International carrier)
• Insurance (recommend DAN trip insurance)
• Visas (Malaysia gives 90 days free entry visa on arrival for most countries)
• Water & sand proof watch, ( casio digital or similar)
• Dive skins & snorkel gear – volunteers need to bring their own.  Bring fins suitable for water shoes or dive boots since you may need to walk on coral rubble.  Some snorkell equipment can be hired
• Underwater or land cameras (computers are available to download photos and burn to disc.)
• Alcohol, snacks, nibbles, personal items, (all available in Semporna)
• We recommend Crocs (real or copies) as beach shoes.

Are you ready for the pressure of all the serious conservation work!

Read reviews about TRACC on tripadvisor  or Travelbuddy

Project overviewSummaryPom Pom Location mapOther information
WhyWhere -WhatWhenWhoCosts
Other Information  – FAQ

Download volunteer brochure 2014 (PDF)
Facebook  –  Our shark protection activity  –  Volunteers & coral planting  –

To book now please read Booking a trip & email .info@tracc-borneo.org

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