Coral Reef Surveys

During many projects from 1996-2005, TRACC completed many coastal surveys and many coral reef surveys using both Reef check and GCRMN methods.  The information has been summarised here to give an overall status of the species, coral reefs, impacts and coastal zone issues of Sarawak and Sabah.

Coral reef survey to 2005 menu

Survey sitesEcotourism –  Fisheries issues  – Fisheries issues E MalaysiaPelagic fisheriesNon reef fisheries

–  Blast fishingFrequencyRegulationsEconomicsEffects of bombs on diversityeffects of bombs on reef structure

Cyanide fishingCyanide fishing MapRegional threatsMarket forces –  Social impacts of cyanideEnvironmental costs of Cyanide

 Reef fish population declineCoral trout & Leopard GroupersLarge grouper size change with fishing –  SweetlipsSnapperssmall groupersSex change & threatened species

Humphead wrasse & Live fish trade  –location mapRegionally extinctHHW populationsSpawning & FeedingID of individuals

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