Coconut cove camp reef

The reef in front of the TRACC camp at coconut cove beach near the Tip of Borneo, (Simpang Mengayu) on the west side of the Kudat peninsular.  In Geography terms , this is a rocky shore with pocket beaches and limited reef development. There is no fringing reef but many corals on the rocky headlands […]

TRACC marine conservation sites

TRACC – Tropical research and Conservation centre is currently (June 2014) scheduled to be operating in Sabah East Malaysia ( Borneo) at the following marine conservation sites. May to Oct 2014 – Coconut cove beach, Tip of Borneo, Kudat district November 2014 onwards  – Pom Pom Island Semporna district  (PROVISIONAL) May to Oct 2015 – […]

The TRACC beach on the Kudat Riviera

Before photos of the beach at the new site for TRACC summer 2014.  In a day or so this will be polluted by volunteers who will be leaving foot prints in the pristine sand.  The lorry has arrived from Semporna so we now have a good dive boat.  The camp is being built so we […]

Sunday chillout

Sunday is the normal day off where we chill-out and do our own things.  Trips to Semporna market are a possibility but most people prefer to recover from the previous week (or in some cases from the previous night party).  Saturday nights are casual, we often have a party!  It is also the only night […]


I don’t like camping, went once with the school to a muddy field in the countryside somewhere.  Didn’t sleep much, we talked most of the night and then it rained.  So you will understand my reluctance to camp on Pom Pom as we planted corals.  Sophie, my friend, she talked me into it. I am […]

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