Batu Rua Reef

Batu rua is a great dive site and hopefully will be the centre of our coral planting activites for many years to come. We have an application pending with the Sabah government for a coral farm on our own officially recognised area.  The reef is very close to Kalapuan island where we are building a […]

Why we don’t do many marine surveys!

We are always being asked for survey data from our dives often by students and while we try to oblige, much of our data is not published or is part of a ongoing study. We’ve been diving around Borneo for over 15 years now and have done many surveys in the past.  Our reef survey […]

Student reviews of Advanced level Marine Science studies

TRACC school of Marine Science offers several marine science and marine biology courses.  The advanced level Marine Science course is a 12 week residential course leading to an international exam and certificate.  This Cambridge A Level course can be used for self improvement, to change career or to gain credits for a university or college […]

Turtle Volunteer costs 2013

turtle volunteers   2 weeks – £350 4 weeks – £500 6 weeks – £700 8 weeks – £900 10 weeks – £1100 12 weeks – £1300 Package includes, Food, accomodation, Boat transfer unlimited snorkelling

Recovering fish populations 2012

Tracc has been working on Pom Pom Island for nearly 12 months and has made significant improvements, Large bottle reefs have been planted, these remove trash bottles from the beaches and plant them in rubble areas to provide habitat for fish and other marine life.  The fish populations have also improved, giant barracuda and giant […]

Marine conservation opportunities

Tracc has a limited number of marine conservation opportunities each year. We normally choose interns from ex- volunteers who have been with TRACC for 8 weeks.  The volunteers who are selected have normally reached rescue diver and are keen, enthisiastic and committed.  The internship is usually 12 weeks.  The interns devide into two groups diving […]

Interns with TRACC 2013

TRACC has a limited number of intern /work placement positions for 2013.    Most tracc intern positions are filled by 6 or more week  ex-volunteers who wish to stay on for an additional 3 months.  The best interns already have diving skills, understand how to get along with people and are enthusiastic about saving the ocean. […]

Volunteers needed for larval fish settlement project, 2014

We need volunteers to monitor our replanted reefs for larval fish settlement during the summer months ( March – Oct 2014).  We have lots of planted reefs with healthy growing coral. These planted reefs attract existing adult fish very quickly.  This is very satisfying but doesn’t actually increase the number of fish on the island.  […]

Shark protection progress Oct 2012

The Borneo shark sanctuary is a project to protect all the sharks in N Borneo.  A little progress has been made in Brunei with several divers  and enthusiasts making waves towards some fisheries regulations.  Sarawak has made little progress, fisheries is big business and marine tourism is very small.  The best progress is in Sabah […]

Photographic & biodiversity database

We are documenting the biodiversity of Pom Pom Island.  Anyone who has dived here can help!  If you have photographic evidence of any species seen on Pom Pom island we will add them to the database.  Not just the rare and exotic but the small and common or the difficult to photograph. Some of the […]

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