Shark survey analysis

Steve has been cocooned in his tent for the last few weeks working on the analysis for the WWF / TRAFFIC shark survey.  For several months in 2014, we collected data on all the sharks and rays we saw at the fish markets in Sabah.  The travel all over Sabah to fish markets was the […]

RACE coral surveys and possible new TRACC site?

Being a Conservation center TRACC tries to be right at the heart of everything affecting the marine environment that goes on in the Sabah region. So when we we’re asked about an initial environmental impact assessment for an unknown area of reef we jumped at the chance! Our lucky divers got to experience more dive […]

Sabah shark survey on offshore reefs 2015

The Tun Mustapha Marine Park at the Tip of Borneo is being created by the Sabah State government. TRACC is gathering information on the offshore reefs and remote islands to assist with the management of this huge area. We are planning a series of exploratory shark survey expeditions in 2015 to Harrington shoal, the South […]

TRACC marine conservation sites

TRACC – Tropical research and Conservation centre is currently (Oct 2014) scheduled to be operating in Sabah East Malaysia ( Borneo) at the following marine conservation sites.  We have a range of  Volunteer projects 2015  Coconut cove beach, Tip of Borneo, Kudat district  — This is our training site with great diversity, shallow waters and […]

Shark Market Survey 2014

TRACC is doing a rapid assessment of the sharks caught and landed in Sabah in June & July 2014.  For shark lovers it is very disheartening to see all these beautiful creatures as lumps of meat especially since we have been trying so hard to get some protection. Most of the catches are baby sharks […]

Stress free arrival to beautiful Pom POm Island

Boat Transfers are Mondays and Thursdays…..   We’ve tried to eliminate anyone staying in Semporna overnight. Think of the most dubious back street you know and multiply it up to a small town. That’s Semporna… The City Inn is quiet, clean and safe, but not exactly attractive or entertaining.   The boat leaves the island […]

Batu Rua Reef

Batu rua is a great dive site and hopefully will be the centre of our coral planting activites for many years to come. We have an application pending with the Sabah government for a coral farm on our own officially recognised area.  The reef is very close to Kalapuan island where we are building a […]

Why we don’t do many marine surveys!

We are always being asked for survey data from our dives often by students and while we try to oblige, much of our data is not published or is part of a ongoing study. We’ve been diving around Borneo for over 15 years now and have done many surveys in the past.  Our reef survey […]

Student reviews of Advanced level Marine Science courses

TRACC school of Marine Science offers several marine science and marine biology courses.  The advanced level Marine Science courses is a 12 week residential course leading to an international exam and certificate.  This Cambridge A Level course can be used for self improvement, to change career or to gain credits for a university or college […]

Turtle Volunteer costs

Turtle Snorkelling volunteers 2015 2 weeks – £600 extra weeks 275 Package includes, Food, accommodation, airport & Boat transfer unlimited snorkelling Other snorkelling and community projects are available at the Tip Of Borneo Camp. Teaching and snorkelling Trailblazing and snorkelling 2 weeks – £400 extra weeks £175 Birdwatching 2 weeks – £500 extra weeks £220

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